Woman Gone Mad at Walmart

walmart-store sucks so muchI hate Walmart and never go (maybe once every 2 years). I was annoyed with my husband the other day and needed to get away so I went there and thought ok I’ll just stroll around and see if I can find some crap made in China on sale.

I remembered that we’d discussed getting an underwater camera for the pool. So I went to that section – and they don’t put the cameras out because I guess Walmart customers will steal them? They had a piece of cardboard hanging there, so I ask the sales guy and he’s like, “Ummm… I don’t know it might be back here…” and he takes me to where the sign on the wall says Restrooms and lo and behold the photo section is there – who would know that?

Two more sales clerks later and they hand me a box. I read the box and don’t see anything at all about it being an underwater camera, it just says waterproof.

I ask, “How do you know it’s an underwater camera?”

Blank stare.

I said, “Do you have anything that says it works underwater up to 10 meters or something?”

The guy gets a piece of paper about the camera and he says, “Yeah right here it says 10 feet.”

I said, “Ten feet is not 10 meters.”

He says, “Well it’s close”.

I said, “It’s not remotely close. Ten feet is like 3 meters.”

Blank stare.

I said, “well I’ll just take it and decide when I’m done shopping.”

He says, “No I can’t give it to you. I can hold it or ring it up.”

I said, “I’m not done shopping.”

Blank stare.

I said, “You guys really make this a pain in the ass you know?”

He didn’t care. I told him to keep the camera. I went to check out, and there are maybe 40 registers there and 3 are open with lines a mile long. I get up there and the cashier – wearing sunglasses!! – said, “Did you find everything you need?”

I said, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

He looked stunned.

I said, “Not even close.”

I bought a pack of gum and a card, then walked 68 blocks back to my car. I swear I hate that place.

And you know those emails people send of Walmart shoppers? I always think they’re fake, doctored pictures, but let me tell you I now believe they are 100% real. I could’ve filled up an entire website with strange pictures of how people were dressed there.


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