Coworker is a gold digger AND a liar

15-ways-to-spot-a-liar-071210-mI wasn’t able to write much over the last few months so I’m trying to catch everyone up on the drama in my workplace. The woman that replaced TB is not only a gold digging whore, but she’s a terrible liar.

She says the most ridiculous lies about having money, like:
“My income was 3.2 million last year and I gave to charity 2.5 million from an inheritance. I didn’t want that money, as i didn’t do anything to earn it, but love that person.”

“I own 3 oil wells. I am invested in 22 more. Between natural gas and oil revenues, I do very well. Also i have lots of stock in the stock market. I also buy homes and refurbish them and rent them out.”

This is somewhat more believable, but if it’s true she lied on her resume:
“I also worked for 25 years, as a store manager for Exxon. So I did start out poor, but I saved and invested at the right time for me.”

She also lies about having a boyfriend in the mafia, dating Kenny Rogers years ago (seriously!), and all kinds of weird shit.

No one believes her. I told her that I knew she was making stuff up and she still won’t admit it’s all lies.


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